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9 showering mistakes .That can hurt you.

9 showering mistakes .That can hurt you.

Showering. You do it several times a week, if not every day, but all that soaping, lathering, rinsing, and luxuriating may be doing your skin a serious disservice.

“The biggest problem we see for older patients is dry skin and itching, and that progresses to eczema,” says Patricia Farris, M.D., a dermatologist in New Orleans and Clinical Associate Professor at Tulane University. “As you grow older, your oil glands poop out on you, so you’re much more prone to dry skin. You have to adjust your bathing habits accordingly.”

Read on for the most common showering mistakes you might not be aware of:

Mistake #1. Blasting the hot water
You may think a steaming hot shower is doing therapeutic good by relaxing your muscles, but a dermatologist would tell you to stick to the heating pads and save the scalding hot water for your tea. “Hot water is bad for two reasons,” says Cynthia Bailey, M.D., a dermatologist in Northern California and founder of “First, it removes too much of your natural oils (much like it works better than cold water for cleaning greasy pots and pans). Second, hot water brings blood circulation to your skin which is why your skin turns red like a lobster. With the circulation comes inflammatory building blocks to create more itch and even a rash.” Dr. Bailey advises that water temperature should be tepid, meaning skin temperature or just a little warmer—especially if you have fragile skin that’s prone to dryness.

Mistake #2. Showering for too long
Between the steam, streaming water, and warmth, it’s tempting to spend 15, 20, even 30 minutes in the shower, but many experts say anything more than 10 minutes is too much. “You shouldn’t shower for more than 5 to 10 minutes,” says Dr. Farris. “Shorter is better.” Long showers strip your skin of moisture, too.

Mistake #3. Using deodorant soap
It can be hard to part with products you’re used to, but if you’re using deodorant or antibacterial soaps, the harsh fragrances and ingredients are stripping moisture out of your skin. “Traditional antibacterial or deodorant soaps can cause extreme dryness, itching, and flakiness,” says Rhonda Klein, M.D., a dermatologist in Milford, CT, and Assistant Clinical Professor in Dermatology at Yale University. “Soap-free cleansers are best for aging skin. With age, the skin becomes thinner, and loses fat, sweat, and oil glands—thus moisturizing washes are most important. Some recommended products for aging skin include Cetaphil, CeraVé, Vanicream/free&clear, and Dove.”

When you’re shopping for soap, steer clear of these harsh ingredients, says Dr. Klein: parabens, fragrances, triclosan, synthetic colors, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate—all can aggravate your skin and cause contact dermatitis and abnormal dryness.

Mistake #4. Soaping your whole body
Soap is formulated to dissolve dirt and oil, allowing water to wash it away. The skin on arms and legs generally doesn’t have a lot of oil to give up, so cleaning them with soap is like drawing water from a stone—your limbs are left bone dry. “Minimize soaping to only the oily and odor-causing parts of your skin such as your face, armpits, buttocks, groin, and feet,” says Dr. Bailey.

Mistake #5. Waiting too long to moisturize
Dermatologists agree, three is the magic number. Waiting any longer than three minutes after leaving the shower to moisturize allows your skin to lose precious moisture to the air. Proper moisturizing protocol: After stepping from the shower, gently pat excess water from your skin, leaving some droplets behind. Then apply a liberal amount of a moisturizer that contains ceramide (a natural oil found in skin), such as CeraVe, and massage over your whole body. “What is crucial is that you trap that water with application of moisturizing cream within 3 minutes of toweling the excess surface water off of your skin,” says Dr. Bailey. Dr. Farris agrees: “The minute you get out of the shower, moisturize before the liquid evaporates or you lose [your skin’s moisture] to the air." When skin gets dry and cracks, it lets in bacteria and allergens, she warns. "It's really important to keep skin moisturized."

Mistake #6. Not replacing your puff
Though exfoliating tools aren’t intrinsically bad for your skin, using the same loofah or body puff for too long is a big no-no. “Puffs and loofahs do grow bacteria and mold and should be thrown out after four weeks,” says Debra Jaliman, M.D., author of "Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist" and Assistant Professor of Dermatology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. “After you use them, take them out of the shower and let them dry out. Lingering moisture will encourage bacterial and fungal growth.”

Using a bacteria-infested loofah can lead to a skin condition called pseudomonas folliculitis, an infection in the hair follicles, says Dr. Farris. "It's not dangerous, and will go away on it's own, but it can be very pesky and itchy."

A better option, she says, is to use a washcloth—it gives you mild exfoliation, which is important since your natural skin-cell turnover rate slows as you age. Plus you likely have a dozen washcloths in your linen closet, encouraging frequent rotation of clean ones into the shower.

Mistake #7. Wasting money on "natural" products
Healthy-sounding buzzwords can equal big price tags when it comes to beauty products these days—but are "natural" products worth the money? If you're concerned about how your soap is produced and its effect on the earth, then buy organic, by all means. But if you're in it for the beauty benefit, you may want to think twice. "Even 'natural' or organic products can strip the natural lipid layer from the skin's surface and destroy its protective barrier," says Dr. Klein. Dr. Farris concurs: "The word 'natural' in and of itself doesn’t mean a whole lot. The best products come from major consumer companies (Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, etc.)—they get the good active ingredients, because they can afford to pay the licensing fees, and [they] do tons of research." As long as you stick to soaps without artificial colors, fragrances, and other harsh ingredients—and you moisturize faithfully—you'll be treating your skin responsibly.

Mistake #8. Washing your hair daily
How many times a week do you think you should wash your hair? Every day? Every other day? According to trichologists, the technical term for health professionals who specialize in hair and scalp, that's way too often. "Someone with thin, fine or delicate hair should avoid shampooing too frequently—no more than two times a week should help maintain the natural oil production, while achieving moisture balance," says Andrea L. Hayden, Director of the International Association of Trichologists (USA) and owner of The Hair Management Group in San Antonio, TX. And if you have coarse or curly hair, try once every seven days. "Coarse texture or natural curly hair takes longer to establish a good amount of natural oils, so shampooing can be pushed back to once a week. A person could refresh the hair/scalp mid-week, if necessary, by simply applying a conditioner and rinsing thoroughly."

Mistake #9. Using the same old shampoo
Just as your skin becomes more delicate and dry as you age, so does your hair, says Hayden. "For people 50 and older, hair strands require more TLC. As you age, the hair loses protein, elasticity, and density. Safeguard your hair by using sulfate-free shampoos, which are much gentler, avoiding brittleness." And if your hair seems especially prone to breakage, she recommends using a protein conditioning treatment once a month to help restore lost protein and increase hair strength.

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Accused Serial Train Masturbator Tetsuya Fukuda Admits Harassing More Than 100 Women

Accused Serial Train Masturbator Tetsuya Fukuda Admits Harassing More Than 100 Women

Tetsuya Fukuda
This guy's a real jerk.

Police in Japan arrested Tetsuya Fukuda, 40, on Thursday after matching his DNA to a sample of semen taken off of an 18-year-old schoolgirl's skirt in December, according to Asahi Shimbun.

Once in custody, Fukuda admitted to doing the same thing to other women on the Japan Rail Sobu line about 2 or 3 times a month since 2011. He told police that he did it because he was "excited to be in close contact with women" on the crowded trains.

Cops say he's suspected in more than 100 incidents. They theorize that Fukuda cut holes in his jacket pockets so he could discreetly touch himself, then apply his semen to victims.

Perhaps what's most baffling in the case are the charges: Fukuda faces a charge of vandalism for damaging the skirt, according to TBS News.

Last year a Minnesota man who admitted ejaculating in his female co-worker's coffee avoided felony sex crime charges because of a legal loophole, which the victim is now fighting to close.

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Goat not ghost responsible for turning lights on in barn

Goat not ghost responsible for turning lights on in barn

Jake, who lives at Coleg Cambria's Northop campus really knows how to use his head

A farm animal fooled college staff into thinking they were being haunted by ghosts.

Turning off lights to save energy is common practice at Coleg Cambria's Northop campus in North east Wales yet caretakers kept reporting lights were regularly being left on in the rare breeds centre's goat barn.

But staff were adamant they are turning them off and a baffled animal centre manager Wendy Gacem began to suspect a ghost or intruders were to blame.

This week the truth was revealed after Jake the Bagot Billy Goat was caught red-handed flicking the switch, reports the Daily Post.

Staff were working in the barn when the lights came on and turned around to see Jake had climbed on his hayrack and pushed the switch with his horns!

Wendy said: "It is a relief that we do not have intruders or a ghost, and animal care staff are relieved that they are no longer being grilled about leaving lights on.

"Jake has been a cheeky character since he arrived and will often jump on to a wheelbarrow to be pushed around."

Wendy says rare breed Jake has been forgiven for his cheeky antics after becoming a proud father to twin girls last week.

A college spokesman added: "Coleg Cambria takes its responsibilities seriously by encouraging staff to reduce energy consumption.

"This has been recognised across the UK through the Carbon Trust and Green Dragon sustainability awards.

"The college is proud to be breeding this very rare goat which are classed as endangered on The Rare Breed Survival Trust Watchlist."


Woman makes money farting and eating for men on camera

Woman makes money farting and eating for men on camera

Meet Sarah Reign, the woman who makes money out of eating food and farting on camera for men.

The 26-year-old, from New York, is described as a ‘feedee’ and she says she earns around £1,000 a month through her second job. Her main job is as a security guard at a factory.

She will eat chocolate cake and smear it over her face, smother herself with butter and put it in her belly button, and breaks wind on demand. She also sells her worn underwear.

Admitting that she enjoys eating and has put on weight.

PA REAL LIFE 18 Sarah Reign - Blowing balloons
She also works as a security guard (Picture: PA Real Life)
PA REAL LIFE 12 Sarah Reign - Burger challenge
Men like watching her eat and she says it makes her feel sexy (Picture: PA Real Life)
She said: ‘It felt awkward eating on camera at first as fans love to watch you chewing every mouthful.

‘But I eat so much anyway I thought it’d be fun to do it on cam. I just keep eating until I’m full.’

If they’re up for paying the bill, she’ll also sit on clients if they want her to.

‘It was awkward at first but I got really into it, sitting on his face, smothering it with my belly,’ she said.

However, we’ve all got our limits and she will only do it wearing a vest top and tiny shorts.

She has always been a larger lady and got into her part time work when men asked her to eat on camera for them. So now she’s got her own channel.

‘It’s sexy to be big,’ she said. ‘I really enjoy eating on cam so I started gaining weight on purpose. But I’m gaining for me. I’ve put on six stone since I started.

‘Lots of men want to feed me so much I can’t move anymore, but that’s not my thing. I still want to be active and do my day job.’

One of her most common requests is to behave like a pig.

PA REAL LIFE 6 Sarah Reign - eating a take-away
She admits it was awkward at first, but she soon got into the swing of things (Picture: PA Real Life)
‘I have a piggy nose and ears that I wear and eat really messily in, covering my face with chocolate.

‘But when the camera’s off, I’m a clean freak and put my bra and the towels I use to cover the floor straight in the washing machine.

‘Sometimes I take the camera into the shower and film myself getting clean, that’s really sexy.’

She added: ‘I’m open-minded, it’s giving them what they want and it’s an outlet for them.’


An 11-year-old boy with autism drew this world map from memory

Did a Nazi bomb fall on your house? This map will tell you

Everyone's talking about Mugabe's new hair cut. We're more interested in his earrings

UK weather: Britain bracing for hottest day of the year on Friday

Policeman 'repeatedly punches woman after she tells him she's pregnant'


China to document its tourists behaving badly

China to document its tourists behaving badly

China will keep records of "uncivilized" behavior by its tourists for up to two years, the country's tourism agency said on Tuesday, to combat a spate of incidents abroad in recent years which it said reflected badly on the country's image.

Bad behavior included violating customs, destroying public infrastructure and historic sites, causing disturbances on public transport and participating in gambling and prostitution, the agency said.

"China's image has already been tarnished," the China National Tourism Administration said on its website.

The actions of badly behaved tourists has caused many people to "blush with shame" and people who behaved badly overseas needed to "learn a lesson", it added. It did not specify the nature of any punishment.

Regulators would hunt out bad behavior through tips from local tourism bureaus, media reports and the general public.

In 2013, a Chinese student sparked an outcry in Egypt after scratching his name on the wall of an ancient temple in Luxor, while a mainland couple drew ire in Hong Kong for allowing their two-year-old child to defecate on a sidewalk.

Thai authorities issued thousands of Chinese-language etiquette manuals in February after Chinese tourists were caught drying underwear at a temple, kicking a bell at a sacred shrine and washing their feet in a public restroom.

Overseas travel has boomed in recent years among increasingly affluent Chinese, who have become the world's biggest spenders on travel since 2012, according to the U.N. World Tourism Organization.


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World's biggest rabbit gets ready to give up his title - to his own giant son

World's biggest rabbit gets ready to give up his title - to his own giant son

Dad Darius measures 4ft 4in long and three-and-a half-stone but will soon have to hand over the crown to his giant baby son Jeff
That's some Easter bunny. Meet the giant 3' 8'' rabbit
The world’s biggest bunny has got growing competition for his heavyweight title this Easter – from his own son.

Dad Darius – 4ft 4in long and three-and-a half-stone – holds the official title.

But he’s been breeding like the proverbial rabbit and is this year being challenged by his bouncing baby offspring Jeff, who already measures 3ft 8in.

The pair of Continental Giant rabbits are so large that seven-year-old Ava Johnson struggles to pick them up in our adorable Sunday People exclusive pictures.

The bumper bunnies’ owner, Annette Edwards, 63, from Worcester, is looking forward to the day when Jeff – who still has six months growing time – dwarfs his dad.

She said: “Darius was always big but Jeff is huge considering he’s still a baby.

“I’m expecting him to grow much bigger than his dad.

“As soon as I think he’s made it, he’ll be measured by his vet and then Guinness will certify that he is the biggest rabbit in the world.”

It costs Annette a whopping £5,000 a year to feed her giant bunnies, who munch their way through 2000 carrots and 700 apples every 12 months.

Every day each of them also chows down on a huge dog bowl full of specialist rabbit food, and a bale of hay a week.

Ava Johnson with Jeff the rabbit
Big bunny: Ava Johnson, aged seven, with Jeff the rabbit and his record breaker dad Darius
But Annette says it’s worth every penny to call the pair her pets as they’re perfect companions and even settle down on the sofa with her in cold weather.

She added: “Although the pair of them are huge, they’re the best animal friends I could ask for.

“They are both very laid back and chilled out – Jeff really takes after his Dad.

“Most rabbits like lots of attention and get on well with children and these two are no exception.

“They’re even friendly to other animals! Jeff’s best friend is my other pet, a boxer dog called Kay.”

Continental Giants are the largest breed of rabbit and can grow to around 4ft when fully grown but Darius – who is officially four foot four inches long - and Jeff come from a bumper crop.

Jeff was born after Annette introduced Darius to one of her other rabbits, Sally – another Continental Giant who measures 3ft 5 inches.

The family all live in Annette’s back garden but they are so big an ordinary hutch is a no go and they each require a dog crate that would normally house a pet as large as German shepherd.


Plane passenger caught with 'zoo' in her suitcase including snakes, turtles and LEOPARD

Plane passenger caught with 'zoo' in her suitcase including snakes, turtles and LEOPARD

The menagerie of exotic animals had been flown 6,515 miles from Indonesia to Moscow via the Middle East

Customs seized 55 snakes, 35 lizards, seven turtles, six lemurs, and two monkeys all stuffed into the suitcase of a female traveller, it was revealed today.

Two baby crocodiles died en route from Jakarta to Moscow but a suspected leopard was also among the frightened survivors after the 6,515 mile ordeal.

The hungry and exhausted animals were discovered by customs officials at Domodedovo airport when they scanned the bag of a female passenger who had flown from Indonesia to Moscow via Qatar.

In the bag, carried on the hold of the aircraft, there were 55 snakes, 35 lizards, seven turtles, six lemurs, and two monkeys.

Caught: Six lemurs were among the frightened survivors
"The animals were packed in tiny cages and plastic boxes and each snake was in small bag made of cloth," said spokeswoman Larisa Ledovskikh.

Experts are trying to identify the "amazingly beautiful kitten with bright green eyes and stripes".

Officials in Moscow suspect it is a leopard cub, a species which is listed in the Red Book of endangered animals.

If true, the woman - who was held in detention pending a decision on any charges - faces up to seven years in jail.

Sad: Two baby crocodiles died en route from Jakarta to Moscow
"It was a sad scene - exhausted monkeys, scared lemurs, the begging green eyes of a beautiful "cat"," wrote newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets.

The animal courier claimed she had bought the animals for $200 USD in a market in Indonesia.

She "for future breeding", she told customs.

Russia has seen examples of smuggled animals sold on the black market for private zoos of wealthy people.

Smuggled: In the bag customs found 55 snakes, 35 lizards, seven turtles, six lemurs, and two monkeys
After being impounded, the hungry and exhausted creatures were handed over to employees of Moscow 'Exotic Park' where they will be cared for until their future is decided.

A handler from the park held the animals for the customs pictures (attached) which will be used as evidence in the case.

"Experts will check the animals and calculate the price of each one," said the spokeswoman.

"They will also establish if any of these animals are under protection of the international convention on rare species."